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At Star we are very fond of reliability. Playing in a safe online casino is important to every player because finding a safe casino not only guarantees a great gaming experience, but also security when it comes to protecting the players' personal and banking information.

Many players who do not have much experience with gambling believe that there are hardly any online casinos that offer completely reliable operation. Of course, as with any online business, there are safe and absolutely legitimate online casinos, but there are also some that are dangerous to the safety of the player because they offer unreliable games, or do not protect their customers' data as they are supposed to to do.

There are many ways to find a reliable online casino that offers its customers a fantastic game selection and maximum security when it comes to their personal information. No matter where a player first encountered a particular casino, looking for some specific features that can ensure a good gaming experience is important.

What makes a Casino safe?

Our research into the most reliable online casinos revealed a number of factors that players consider when choosing an online casino. Below you can find the three main factors that people need to know if they can trust a casino.

Factor 1 - Reliable and fast payouts

Payouts and withdrawals are the number one factor that ensures that players have confidence in online casinos. 1 third of online casino players feel that their main concern is to find a casino that allows them to receive their winnings in a timely manner when it is time to pay out. Fast payouts are also a sign of fairness and legitimacy, according to online surveys. Some casino sites may not have the fastest payouts, but they may have very reliable payouts within a reasonable waiting time (12 - 48 hours). The most important thing for payouts is consistency and security.

Factor 2 - Player Reviews and Site Reputation

The old saying “Reputation is everything” takes on special significance when players consider online casinos. About 15% of online casino owners say their main concern is the reputation of the casino. There are many websites, both in Dutch and English, where the gambling community can exchange information, experiences and reviews about online casinos. Countless messages from comments and online casino reviews create a history of each site, making it easier for players to browse and learn about what fellow gamblers have been through.

Factor 3 - Site safety, security and regulations

Players rely on casinos that offer safe, secure and encrypted transactions. One of the most secure payment systems in existence today is bitcoin casino deposits. They have a very complex system that makes it more difficult to hack or steal than ordinary payment methods. When paying and betting, pay attention to the following things to avoid problems. Players are willing to wait a reasonable amount of time for payments, such as 12 to 48 hours. However, online casinos lose a player's confidence when they need days, weeks or even months to withdraw.

Sites that have low maximum payouts per week also lose confidence from their players. Payments in steps of just 500 euros a week are a bad sign. A site will certainly lose confidence and get a bad reputation if they refuse to make a payment. The use of mysterious conditions to refuse payment is usually a sign of a rogue operator. Terms of use and policies designed to be violated by players are a huge red warning. Cashiers at these types of operators use all kinds of excuses to invalidate the winnings.

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