Almost all Casinos listed on Star Casino .online will give you the opportunity to try the games with fictional money before you start playing with real money.

This way you can first discover the Casino and determine at which game you want to play with real money.

A bonus is a nice welcome gift of money or credit value, which must be used by playing games at the relevant Casino.

After depositing the minimum deposit at a Casino you will receive the welcome bonus, the amount of which varies per Casino. Do not forget to read the terms of the deposit requirements and comply with the use of bonuses.

With some games you can remove a bet once it has been placed on the table, such as roulette.

However, not all games allow it and it may be that once you have placed a bet it must be completed so be sure to place your bet before placing it.

Almost all online slots work the same; spin and have a chance to win.

This game is based on the traditional casino style slot machine. At the same time, every online slot machine has its own individual rules and characteristics.

Before you start with a new slot machine, it is advisable to first inform yourself how it works, for example by trying a demo version before playing with real money.


Unfortunately this is not possible. Casinos are very strict in the bonus policy per player, and attempts to bypass it unfortunately have no chance of success.

It is important that you register yourself with your own name, because you can be asked for your (valid) ID when payout. If this is not possible, the payout often expires. 

A Casino bonus ensures that with the same deposit you have more balance at your disposal to play with. Some Casinos increase your deposit up to 200%

So with a relatively small deposit you can still have a nice balance to play with and discover the Casino.

You always get the Casino bonus with your first minimum deposit. It differs per Casino how high that investment must be. 

Some Casinos give a bonus on the first amount you put in and a bonus on the second amount you put in etc. etc .. It is always advisable to check this in advance so that you can check with which amount you have the highest Get casino bonus.

The free bonus Spins can be bet on the slots at a Casino. Often a Casino has a selective number of slots with a low minimum value per spin on which these free Spins can be used. 

Free Bonus Spins are often given with Casino welcome bonuses.

Most Casino welcome bonuses are tied to a number of games and conditions. This means that you can not play all games, but those that the Casino allows according to their conditions.