Online Slots

Almost everyone knows this popular game, those classic slots that you used to find in the snack bar (and that you can still play in some catering establishments and arcades). The online slot machines, as now offered on the internet in a casino, are based on this. Nowadays you all have different slot machines and you can also play online slots. When you want to play slot machines online, you call the slot machine a "slot". This is the English name and is therefore used for digital play.

Playing slots is fun and exciting and can be very profitable. There are thousands of different variants in circulation and each casino has put together its own range. So you can find these games in all shapes and sizes in an online casino. There are the more simple slots that you can also find at the corner chip shop, but also very complex video slots with 50 paylines that pay mega jackpots of more than a million euros.

Types of slots

Slots are still very popular and although you see them less and less in the pub, cafeterias and arcades, they are extremely popular online. You also have a wide choice of types of slot machines. It is literally "Something for everyone".

Classic slots

This is the most famous variant of a slot machine. Think of the slot machines, bright colors and fun symbols. You can play for hours on this and online slot machines are also a lot of fun to do.

Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots & slots are extremely popular among gamblers. Who doesn't want to become a millionaire with one click? When you play at an online casino, you play via the casino module of the relevant casino. A local jackpot is only built up at 1 casino until the stunner in question falls, the built stunner will also fall at this online casino. A shared jackpot, or Pooled jackpot as it is often called in English, is offered by multiple online casinos. It does not matter which internet casino you play at, the jackpot can fall at all these casinos and is also built up by all players.

Video slots

With thousands of online casino games available at online casinos, the online video slots are the most popular. The three to five reels with symbols on them, which form combinations, are played most often of all. Video slots are slot machines on which the player will have to try to form a combination. The profit depends on the combination itself. In fact, this is the same as a classic lock, only with a more modern twist.

Thema slots

Theme slots are also very popular nowadays and especially online theme slots. You have to imagine that a lock is completely designed for a specific theme. Think of horror slots or for example Halloween slots.

How did the slots come about?

Charles Fey is considered to be the inventor of the slot machines. He was born in Bavaria. His ideas came to life in San Francisco. The first slot machines are said to have come in 1894. These slots had three spinning elements. The cabinets were operated by a lever and became very popular in a short time, which meant that he continued to develop. Soon more slot machines came on the market and more and more people used them. The slot machines made them curious and they gave it a try.


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