Online Roulette

You always play online roulette against the casino (the bank). So you don't play against other people, so you have less competition! When you play online, the game is largely automated. In a land-based casino such as Holland Casino there is always a croupier who carries out the game. It is up to the player to 'predict' where the ball will end up, both at an online and at a land-based casino.

Roulette has been the most popular and most played casino game in the world since it was first invented. Anyone who has ever been to a casino and played the game will know why. It is very easy to learn, but still offers plenty of variation in the betting options. The rounds are relatively fast, so you can play a lot of games in a short time. Nowadays a lot of online Roulette is played.

Types of Roulette

At Roulette you have various types of games with their own rules. From these different types we have set out the most famous types for you that you can of course also play online.

European Roulette

If you are going to play European Roulette, you are playing Roulette where you can bet on numbers 1 to 36. There is only a single zero in the game, so your chances of winning are slightly higher than in American Roulette. There is a Rouletterad and a playing field on which you can place your bets. If the ball in the Roulette wheel falls on your chosen number or chance, you win an associated amount of money, starting from 1 time your bet.

American Roulette

In American Roulette, in addition to the zero, there is also a double zero on the Rouletterad and on the playing field. This slightly reduces your chances of winning and at the same time thus ensures a higher profit for the casino itself. On the internet, American Roulette is usually played with a single zero. In American Roulette, everyone plays with their own color chips, where you indicate in advance to the croupier how much the chips are worth.

French Roulette

One of the oldest casino games is French Roulette and it is therefore considered the queen of the casino games. As with European Roulette, you only have 1 zero with French Roulette. What is different is that you have slightly less options to bet with French Roulette. The play cloth looks different and the game is also not present.

How did Roulette start?

There are actually several stories about online roulette. One of the stories is that the game was not invented by the French, but that the Chinese once invented it. The Europeans took it back to Europe during their trade travels. Unfortunately this has never been confirmed, but it is certain that Blaise Pascal has made a variant of the game. He is therefore considered to be the official inventor of Roulette.

Blaise Pascal spent 6 months in a monastery in France. During his stay he got inspiration to make an eternally spinning wheel. It designed a fairly large device. A kind of wheel is attached to this device, with which he started to experiment. It is actually the beginning of the Roulette wheel as we are known today.


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