Punto Banco

Online Punto Banco

Although Punto Banco is seen as a complex game for croupiers where many calculations have to be performed at the same time, it is easy for players to understand. Due to the simple scoring and limited betting options, Punto Banco is a popular game among many players. Unlike in Blackjack, there are no additional betting options to consider after the game has started, and since most casinos play according to pre-defined rules, players do not have to make decisions that increase or decrease their chances of winning.

Punto Banco is a very simple game; you bet your chips on Punto (the player), Banco (the bank) or Egalité, which means a draw. Think of betting on red or black like with Roulette.
Inzetten op Punto inzetten en winnen; je inzet wordt verdubbeld.

There are no differences between Punto Banco and Baccarat. Why then these two names? Baccarat is the term often used in English, when you start playing punto banco there they don't know what you mean. However, the rules are exactly the same.

Types of Punto Banco

In total you can encounter three types of Punto Banco. Each species has its own variations.

Straight Punto Banco

Punto Banco is played against the bank (the house) and not against each other. The player can bet on punto, banco or egalité. You choose punto or banco, hoping that your choice will come as close to nine points as possible. This decision has no influence on the game of the other players as it is with Black Jack, for example.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is also often called "a deaux tableaux". This means in French on two tables. With this version, the bank will take on two hands at the same time. The bank will face off against the left and right sides of the gaming table, each of which will receive two playing cards.

Baccarat Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer, which means railway in French, got its name from the fact that after every lost round, the bank changes. The playing cards were given to the next player in a box, making it look like the cards were being transported. That is why it was given the name "Chemin de Fer". This Baccarat variant is played with more players.

How did Punto Banco originate?

For Punto Banco, also known by many as Baccarat, this can be traced back to around the year 1400. In Italy, the first form of the game is said to have been played, where it had been given the name Baccara at the time. The meaning of this is simply 0, which is of course derived from the card values ​​that will come out at zero. The first half of the fourteen hundred years, Baccarat annex Punto Banco was only played in Italy, but the game has certainly not gone unnoticed. From about the year 1450 the game Punto Banco was channeled to France, where especially the elite people started to play the game. First of all, the game was seen as a party game. After all, you play against the house and the hands of other players have no influence whatsoever on any winnings that can be made.


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