Online Poker

Perhaps this is the most popular casino game played online and offline. Playing poker is a fun and interesting game because you don't play against the bank here but against other players at the table. It is a form of bluffing and you can make a lot of money with it.
Not always the one who has the best cards wins, often pots are won by pretending you have a good hand, the so-called bluffing. Be aware that in many cases it is more important what hand your opponent has than what you have yourself. So online poker is really fun to do.

Types of Poker

When playing poker you have various game variants and therefore also other game rules. You can often find these game variants in online poker.

Texas Hold ‘Em

The most famous Poker variant is Texas Hold 'Em, the goal of Hold' Em is to make the highest possible combination of 5 cards and get the chips from the opponent (s). This poker variant is the most played, both online and offline. The table is played with 2 to 10 people and a deck of 52 cards. Each round the participants of a Poker game receive 2 cards that are only visible to them. During the round, 5 open cards are placed on the table, the player with the highest hand eventually wins the round.


Omaha Poker is based on the Texas Hold'em version in Poker. The same hand values ​​apply, with the only difference that you now receive four cards instead of two cards from the dealer. Another five cards appear on the table (community cards) that each player may use at the table. In Omaha, a combination still consists of 5 cards in total. Two of the four cards received must be used to form a combination.

Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is an exciting card game based on Poker but much easier to learn. You only play against the bank, not against other players. So you don't have to worry about getting knocked out by professional poker players. The goal is to have a higher combination than the bank; the standard poker combinations apply.

How did Poker start?

The game of poker was first mentioned in New Orleans in 1829. At the time, it was played with 20 cards with four players betting on the hand with the highest value. Over time, the concept of bluffing has been added to this. The distribution was largely through the boats that sailed over the Mississippi River. Playing poker was a common pastime here during the long journeys. After Poker became fairly widespread in the rest of America, an English deck of cards was soon used for the 52-card game. The flush was also introduced at that time. During the American Civil War, other variants were added to the game, such as Draw Poker, Stud Poker, Omaha and the Straight.


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