Online Blackjack

Blackjack is by far the most popular casino game in the world and is widely played in both physical and online casinos. Blackjack is a variation on the well-known card game 21's. The name Blackjack is based on the card combination of a Ace of Spades and a Black Jack (Black Jack in English). This is the highest possible combination of cards that you can score in this table game. In recent years, playing Blackjack on the Internet has become extremely popular. Playing blackjack online is often profitable and you can use a good tactic that is positive for you.

Types of Blackjack

Over the years, numerous different types of Blackjack have appeared on the market. Fortunately, you can actually play all types of Blackjack online!

Blackjack Classic

For most players among us, this is the most famous Blackjack type. It is the European variant as we often play it in casinos or online casinos. The ultimate goal is to get 21 points with this game.

UK Blackjack

In addition to the European and American variant, we also have UK Blackjack. This variant is considered to be the easiest type of Blackjack. That's because you can split up to three hands in this game. The rest of the options that you normally encounter are also reflected in this game.

American Blackjack

The difference between the European variant and this American Blackjack is hidden in only one aspect. At some point in American Blackjack you can choose Even Money. This is nice if you have achieved a Blackjack yourself and you do not want the bank to also score a Blackjack and thus still win a draw.

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo

This type of Blackjack is most often played worldwide. The game is interesting because of the extra side bet to be placed on top of what you have already bet regularly. With this variant it is possible to predict whether the first two cards of your hand are equal, higher or lower than 13.

How did Blackjack come about?

It is not entirely clear when Blackjack originated, but many people are convinced that Blackjack's roots can be found in Spain. Around 1570, a kind of Blackjack was already played here. Other people say that the French court had a similar card game around 1600 and still other people say that Blackjack's roots are in Italy.

The fact is that the Americans invented the name Blackjack. A manufacturer who produced a card table in the late 1900's used the name Black Jack in his logo. Everyone quickly adopted this name and that is how the name Black Jack was born.


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